about us

Fair Place Finance builds cutting edge, end to end solutions for electronic trading. We are the provider of choice for banks, brokers and other firms from the financial sector. What sets us apart from most other fintechs is our proficiency in both technology and financial services. Very often companies claiming to be fintechs are in fact technology experts, with limited knowledge of the financial sector. Fair Place Finance is different. Not only do we have experienced IT professionals working for us, but also industry veterans with expert knowledge of the global financial sector. Our staff know the operational side of banks, exchanges, brokers and investment firms inside out, which little other fintechs can say about themselves.

We know very well how critical the agile approach to development and project execution is to the success of our clients’ projects. We respect our clients’ deadlines and costs and will go above and beyond to provide the best project experience in the market, focusing on project execution and solution integration, rather than unnecessary administration.

what we do

We specialize in end to end solutions, as well as process automation for electronic trading, including:

  • On-exchange order execution
  • OTC trading
  • Market data normalization and distribution
  • Support for middle and back office processes (settlements, reconciliations, corporate actions processing, etc.)
  • Analytics and monitoring
  • Risk Management Utilities
  • Reporting

We also help our clients design and optimize bespoke solutions. Our staff have proven track record of designing and developing high performance, scalable and reliable systems for the most demanding firms from the global financial sector. Contact us to learn more. We understand the importance of high availability and scalability of modern investment systems. All our solutions are built with high availability and scalability in mind and result in virtually zero down time services. Integration with legacy infrastructure and systems is key to time to market. We work close with our clients, to ensure quick and seamless integration of our solutions into clients’ environments.


bespoke solutions

Whether you are a bank looking for better investment services, a broker looking for more performant and reliable back end or a fintech, who wants to focus on what they do best and leave the technicalities of order execution and post trade processes to experts, we can help you build a state of the art solution in a process, that’s respectful of your costs and deadlines.

R&D and optimization

Operating your business  on a dozen of flaky components, which often crash and interrupt your service? Need to scale? Need a better/faster/cheaper solution than your competitor? We’ve been there too! We can leverage decades of our staff’s experience to help you get out of this trouble and get back on top of the game again.

process automation

Doing repetitive tasks with manual labour became too expensive? At Fair Place Finance we are true believers in automation. Internally we have automated many complex processes, which most firms are struggling with every day. Let us know what your problem is and we’ll do our best to come up with the right solution for you.

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